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Childhood Obesity

Please note that Dr. Debby Hamilton has closed her practice.

Unfortunately, our country is having an ever increasing problem with children becoming overweight and obese. The longer a child has a weight issue, the harder it is to get to a healthier weight. Therefore addressing weight issues as early as possible is critical. It is never too early to learn healthy eating habits and how to incorporate physical activity into daily life. To address childhood obesity, Dr. Debby performs diet analysis, lab evaluation, and counsels parents and children on diet, nutrition, and exercise.
The modern practice of medicine can easily become impersonal. We have all experienced the doctor appointment that started with waiting 45-minutes only to spend 7-minutes with the doctor. Dr. Debby, as she prefers to be addressed, is an exception to this experience. Although a Board Certified Pediatrician, Dr. Debby has pursued additional knowledge about nutrition, holistic alternatives and preventive medicine in overseeing the health of your children. When you are waiting for follow-up information, Dr. Debby is the person that calls you at home -- imagine that!
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