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An Important Letter from Dr. Debby:

Dear Valued Parents and Patients:

For the past several months, I have been evaluating Holistic Pediatric Consulting and come to the very difficult decision that I need to close my practice. I am very sad that I will no longer be able to provide what I hope has been for you, superior care and improvement in the health of your children.

As such, I will be leaving my practice to work for Researched Nutritionals as their physician in charge of education, product development, and clinical research. With this new opportunity I hope to bring more attention to the needs of chronically ill children. Many of the underlying reasons for chronic illness in adults such as oxidative stress, mitochondrial dysfunction, and inflammation also play a large role in childhood chronic disease. Researched Nutritionals is well known for their research on these root causes of chronic illness in adult medicine and I hope to be able to bring similar help to families with chronically ill children.

Holistic Pediatric Consulting has been located within Proactive Wellness of the Rockies as part of the Thrive building in Denver. The owners of Proactive Wellness of the Rockies have moved. Because of this, the owners of the Thrive Center will incorporate the space from Proactive Wellness into an entire integrative center.

Kirsten will continue to work at the Thrive center and will have access to all of your medical records.

I have been working with Dr. Steve Rondeau who works at the Wholeness Center in Fort Collins about the option of taking over my practice beginning in November. To make the transition as easy as possible, Dr. Rondeau will be coming down from Fort Collins and he will use the same time and fee schedule as I do. The following dates are available until we have decided on a more permanent schedule: Nov 7, 16, 21, and Dec 2, 14, 19. After that he will be have a clinic in Denver part-time along with continuing to see patients and doing phone consults from Fort Collins.

Information about Dr. Steve Rondeau:

Dr. Steve Rondeau attended medical school in Arizona and did further specialty training in naturopathic pediatrics with a focus on developmental disorders and children with chronic disease before moving to Northern Colorado in 2010. Before MAPS training and certification he was highly active in the DAN! training and currently serves on the medical advisory board for the PANDAS Resource Network. Dr. Rondeau currently works as part of a large integrative team in Fort Collins at the Wholeness Center (www.wholeness.com). He combines an integrative approach to treating chronic childhood illness with a focus on autism, PANDAS/PANS, seizure disorders, ADHD, mood disorders and food allergies in children.

For general integrative pediatrics, there are two options in the greater Boulder/Denver area:

Dr. Roy Steinbok is in Boulder (www.mindfulfamilymedicine.com)

Highlands Integrative Pediatrics is in Highlands Ranch (www.hipediatrics.com)

Thank you for enriching my life and allowing me to help take care of your children. I will miss working with you and your families. I wish all of you the best in the future!

Best Regards,

Dr. Debby

Autism & ADHD Prevention

1 in 42 boys have autism.
1 in 9 children have ADHD.

Dr. Hamilton is dedicated to reducing the chances of having children with these diseases. She is helping women have healthier children – starting before pregnancy.
CLICK HERE for more information on Dr. Debby Hamilton's book "Preventing Autism & ADHD: Controlling Risk Factors Before, During & After Pregnancy".
This new child health charity is focused on research to prevent diseases like autism & ADHD. Dr. Hamilton is a member of the NHF Scientific Panel.

Top Ten Ways to a Healthier New Baby - Starting Before Pregnancy

Improve your nutrition through eating whole and organic foods.
Ensure you digestion system is functioning properly for absorption and waste elimination.
Get tested for proper levels of key vitamins and minerals – supplement when needed.
Take a prenatal vitamin before pregnancy – yes, before pregnancy.
Get tested for toxins like lead and mercury and remove them (but only before pregnancy).
Remove mercury (amalgam) fillings (only before pregnancy).
Ensure hormones are at proper levels.
Exercise before and during pregnancy.
Plan to manage the physical and psychological stress of pregnancy by planning to reduce work, get help, and creating a peaceful environment.
Create a healthier home and work environment by reducing exposure to plastics, pesticides, and other chemicals.

Autism & ADHD Treatment

Autism Treatment In Boulder, CO
Dr. Debby helps to improve the quality of your life and that of your child with a biomedical approach. She also works with women preparing for pregnancy and expectant mothers to reduce their chances of having a child with autism or other chronic diseases.
Learn More About Autism Treatment

About Dr. Hamilton

Dr. Hamilton is a medical doctor with a Masters of Science in Public Health degree. She treats hundreds of children with autism and ADHD. She is triple board-certified in pediatrics, integrative medicine and physician nutrition. She attends events to speak about reversing the increasingly common childhood diseases like autism and ADHD.
About Dr. Hamilton

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